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Why do I need to attend a face-to-face interview with an MNT consultant?

All candidates are required to attend a face-to-face meeting with an MNT Consultant, this enables us to meet you and verify your experience, training and work status.

Why is the registration process so onerous, I never had to do this even for my current employer?

We recognise that registration with the MNT Health and Social Care can be a time-consuming process: as a responsible healthcare recruiter we are bound by the statutory recruitment and care standards regulations as well as the regulations and requirements of our clients. To help you to achieve full compliance we have partnered with a number of organisations and have dedicated teams of clearance and research staff to assist you. Ultimately remember it will all be worthwhile as once you are cleared to work with us we have a number of different client groups that you will be able to work with.

How long does the registration process take?

We aim to have you out working within six weeks of registering. The speed of the registration process depends on how quickly you can send your documents and application pack completed and over to us – ideally, we need you to send you paperwork back within two weeks for this to happen.

What shifts are available to you at MNT?

We have a wide range of shifts available – early shifts, day shifts, night shifts and sleep-in’s. We aim to match shift type to the weekly availability that you submit. We partner prestigious and local healthcare organisations and institutions including the NHS and Private Hospitals.

What happens if we don’t get on with our carer?

If for any reason the service user does not feel comfortable with their care worker MNT will find a suitable replacement. We will endeavour to match the care worker to meet the service users unique requirements.

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My full time job is within the NHS and I have never had to undertake all the training and compliance that you are asking me for and I work there every day: why do I need this in order to do the odd agency shift back in the NHS?

The NHS are very clear on these requirements; and as an agency worker you are effectively viewed as a new starter within the NHS meaning that you have to undertake all the training and occupational health requirements.

I have just got a new Enhanced DBS certificate from another agency, do I still have to apply for another one with your company?

DBS certificates issued before 17/06/2013 are not transferable. If you have a valid Enhanced DBS certificate from another organisation, we will be able to accept provided the check was done for Adult and Child Workforce and you are registered with the DBS for Status check.

We encourage all of our staff to be registered on the DBS update service. The update service allows the applicant to keep their DBS certificates up-to-date for an annual fee of £13.00 per year.

Your DBS is transferrable if registered on the update service i.e. it can be transferred to MNT or another employer.

What do I do with my time sheets?

Time sheets are submitted on a weekly basis. Monday 12.00pm is the cut-off for time sheets. Any time sheets that are submitted after the 12.00pm cut-off will be processed the next week. We need to enforce this deadline rigorously to ensure payroll lead times are able to be satisfactorily met.

Will I receive any training and career development opportunities?

All MNT Agency Staff receive mandatory training on an annual basis. All modules are classroom based to ensure that the training module is focused, well received and understood. All training is delivered from our in-house trainer and is aligned to NHS mandatory curriculums. This curriculum surpasses CQC requirement.